Board Approved Resolutions

RESOLUTION 114 Tax Roll 24-25
RESOLUTION 113 Appropriations Limit
RESOLUTION 112 Investment Policy
RESOLUTION 111 Reserves Policy
RESOLUTION 110 Designation of Applicant’s Agent Resolution for Non-State Agencies
RESOLUTION 109 Authorizing Investment of Monies in the Local Agency Investment Fund
RESOLUTION 108 Establishing a Check-Signing Policy
RESOLUTION 107 Disposing of Surplus Property
RESOLUTION 106 Authorizing Its Assistant General Manager to Perform Certain Administrative Functions
RESOLUTION 105 Tax Roll 23-24
RESOLUTION 104 Appropriations Limit
RESOLUTION 103 Investment Policy
RESOLUTION 102 Reserves Policy
RESOLUTION 101 Authorizing Investment in LAIF
RESOLUTION 100 Rules and Regulations for Wastewater Service
RESOLUTION 099 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 098 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 097 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 096 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 094 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 093 Tax Roll 22-23
RESOLUTION 092 Investment Policy
RESOLUTION 091 Policy for District Reserves
RESOLUTION 090 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 089 Appropriations Limit FY 22-23
RESOLUTION 088 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 086 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 085 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 084 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 083 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 082 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 081 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 080 Authorizing Remote Meetings
RESOLUTION 079 Construction Installment Agreement.pdf
RESOLUTION 078 Policy for District Reserves.pdf
RESOLUTION 077 Tax Roll 21-22.pdf
RESOLUTION 076 Investment Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 075 Appropriations Limit FY 21-22.pdf
RESOLUTION 074 SlipLining Phase VII.pdf
RESOLUTION 073 Suspending Penalties COVID-19.pdf
RESOLUTION 072 Electronic Signature Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 071 Tax Roll 20-21.pdf
RESOLUTION 070 Policy for District Reserves.pdf
RESOLUTION 069 Exemplary Service of Director Jack Winsten.pdf
RESOLUTION 068 Investment Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 067 Appropriations Limit FY 20-21.pdf
RESOLUTION 066 Suspending Penalties COVID-19.pdf
RESOLUTION 065 SlipLining Phase VI.pdf
RESOLUTION 064 Rules and Regulations for Wastewater Service.pdf
RESOLUTION 063 Mitigated Negative Declaration.pdf
RESOLUTION 062 Authorizing the Filing of a FAA.pdf
RESOLUTION 061 Reimbursement Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 060 Debt Management Plan.pdf
RESOLUTION 059 Tax Roll 19-20.pdf
RESOLUTION 058 Investment Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 057 Appropriations Limit FY 19-20.pdf
RESOLUTION 056 Tax Roll 18-19.pdf
RESOLUTION 055 Investment Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 054 Appropriations Limit FY 18-19.pdf
RESOLUTION 053 Rules and Regulations for Wastewater Service.pdf
RESOLUTION 052 SlipLining Phase V.pdf
RESOLUTION 051 Worker’s Compensation BOD and Volunteers.pdf
RESOLUTION 050 Code of Conduct.pdf
RESOLUTION 049 Tax Roll 17-18.pdf
RESOLUTION 048 SDRMA Board Elections.pdf
RESOLUTION 047 Investment Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 046 Records Retention Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 045 Appropriations Limit FY 17-18.pdf
RESOLUTION 044 Procedures and Charges for Public Review and Copies.pdf
RESOLUTION 043 Exemplary Service Mark Pattison.pdf
RESOLUTION 042 Elections Consolidation.pdf
RESOLUTION 041 SlipLining Phase IV.pdf
RESOLUTION 040 Tax Roll 16-17.pdf
RESOLUTION 039 Investment Policy.pdf
RESOLUTION 038 SlipLining Phase III.pdf
RESOLUTION 037 Claims Against the District.pdf
RESOLUTION 036 Sole Source Apple Valley Const.pdf
RESOLUTION 035 All Mail Ballot.pdf
RESOLUTION 033 Tax Roll 15-16.pdf
RESOLUTION 032 Disposal of Surplus.pdf
RESOLUTION 031 Investment Policy for Public Funds.pdf
RESOLUTION 030 SlipLining Phase II.pdf
RESOLUTION 029 Tax Roll 14-15.pdf
RESOLUTION 028 CSD Personnel Manual.pdf
RESOLUTION 027 SDRMA Election Resolution Ballot.pdf
RESOLUTION 026 Tax Roll 13-14.pdf
RESOLUTION 025 Purchasing Policies 2013.pdf
RESOLUTION 024 Tax Roll 12-13.pdf
RESOLUTION 022 Policy for District Reserves.pdf
RESOLUTION 021 Appropriations Limit FY 12-13.pdf
RESOLUTION 020 Motion and Vote.pdf
RESOLUTION 020 Appropriations Limit FY 11-12.pdf
RESOLUTION 019 Rules and Regulations for Wastewater Service.pdf
RESOLUTION 017 Employees Participation in 457 Gov’t Deferred Comp Plan.pdf
RESOLUTION 016 Authorizing Investment in CalTrust.pdf
RESOLUTION 015 Authorizing Investment in LAIF.pdf
RESOLUTION 013 Setting Compensation for BOD.pdf
RESOLUTION 012 Compensation, Reimbursement, and Ethics Training.pdf
RESOLUTION 011 Conflict of Interest Code.pdf
RESOLUTION 010 Emergency Purchasing Procedures.pdf
RESOLUTION 009 Cert of Consent to Self Insure Workers’ Comp.pdf
RESOLUTION 008 Participation in SDRMA.pdf
RESOLUTION 006 Public Employee’s Medical and Hospital Care Act.pdf
RESOLUTION 005 Personnel Rules.pdf
RESOLUTION 004 Adopting an Ordinance for Sewer Service.pdf
RESOLUTION 003 Rules and Regulations for Sewer Service.pdf
RESOLUTION 002 Retaining Certified Public Accounting.pdf
RESOLUTION 001 Retaining Legal Counsel.pdf