Sewer Service Fee Evaluation for Part-Time Residents and Vacation Owners

Our Districts primary goal are operating the sewer system and treatment plants in a safe and efficient manner while meeting our customers’ needs.

• The plants must be ready to accept flow 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our service must have the ability to have a certain quantity or level of resources available to meet the wastewater needs of its customers. Staffing, utilities, overhead, and regulatory compliance remains the same no matter how much flow comes in. Cost of treatment is basically the same for any amount of flow.

• Our treatment facilities are antiquated and in need of major updates. We have no new “tracks of homes” to help with the costs of upgrades to the plants and add to the increasing operations and maintenance budget. Very little construction has been done in the past 10 years.

• Our collection system is complicated based on the topography and lack of easy access to sewer lines.

• Costs down the hill do not compare well. Economy of scale reduces the cost per household drastically. Our State regulations are the same and must be followed.

• Our rates are very competitive compared to similar Districts in the mountains (see attachments)

• We have very high inflow and infiltration rate. The District has recently received a “Notice of Violation”, this is issued from one of the Districts regulatory agencies SWRCB. The State Water Resources Control Board is one of the regulatory agencies that oversees our operations. This NOV wants us to do more, to address our excessive flow rates during the rainy season. The Districts aging wastewater conveyance pipes need upgrading, Assessment District 1’s construction dates back to 1952. We need to evenly distribute this cost proportionally among all users.

• We have a reserve policy that is needed to provide working capital and day to day expenses in case of a catastrophe. It also covers needed yearly capital repair and replacement.

Contingency & Operating Reserve
Debt Service Reserve
Replacement Reserve
Catastrophic Reserve
Current year Budget Reserve